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Are You Running On Empty And Don't Know It?

If your energy, drive and ambition have tanked along with your love life, increasing low testosterone -- or what some doctors call "low T" -- is only half the battle.

Testosterone alone is usually... not enough.

It's a big part of making your life better, but it's only the beginning.

There's another piece to the puzzle that most guys -- and doctors -- miss.

And that's bad news.

Adding that extra piece gives you more than just a temporary bump in energy. It gives you the kind of swagger most men can only wish for and remember.

But here's what it means:

· A driving, competitive edge with mental focus and clarity

· Pumping, well-defined muscles

· Increased vigor, strength and mobility

The missing piece is what I call nature's "energy pump."

Once it's "switched on," you drive energy to every cell, muscle and tissue in your body when you need it... on demand.

The blend of the two gives you something legendary.

It's called potency.

It's having the energy to do EVERYTHING that makes you feel like a man. That means a boost of physical AND mental performance.

This discovery is helping my patients keep their youthful energy and physical performance far beyond retirement.

To enjoy your full power as a man, you need to activate this "energy pump" AND boost testosterone. And when male patients come to my office, that's exactly what they get... but without the side-effect risks you get from other treatment options.

Let me show you how I do it.

When You Only Deal With Half the Problem,
You Only Feel Like Half a Man

Mainstream medicine is finally catching up. Well, sort of catching up, let's say that.

After years of denying that testosterone is essential for a man's ambition and sexual performance, a few medical professionals are finally telling guys that boosting low testosterone will help them feel more like a man.

But here's the problem: They're still decades behind the times.

Boosting testosterone is something doctors "in the know" were doing years ago.

And it worked up to a point.

It's better than nothing, but relying on synthetic testosterone won't get you to where you need to be.

When I help men with testosterone, some of them didn't respond as well to the treatment as I wanted them to and I knew there was something that might be missing.

They just didn't get the drive and energy I thought they would, as fast as I thought they would.

For a while, I didn't understand why. But when I started experimenting with nature's "energy pump," AND boosting testosterone at the same time, I got immediate results.

It was one of those great moments when the light went on and everything started to click.

Now it all makes sense: The power to act spontaneously, stay focused, solve problems, generate new ideas and maintain your energy level is just as important as sexual performance.

And now I have a way to give you all of these things.

What I discovered can help:

· Send a rush of oxygen to your brain for better clarity and focus

· Support your energy, stamina and endurance over the long term

· Galvanize your heart, lungs and blood vessels

· Strengthen your heart's pumping power and support normal blood pressure

· Give you the kind of "functional strength" that helps you maintain your independence and mobility


Here's how it works.

Nature's "Energy Pump" Drives Power
to Where You Need It Most

There's a simple molecule that turns on your built-in "energy pump," sending a rush through your body.

In fact, when researchers made the discovery, they won a Nobel Prize for their efforts.

It's called "nitric oxide."

Nitric oxide (NO) is a gas produced by a single layer of cells that line your blood vessels. When (NO) is released, it causes your blood vessels to relax and expand, sending a rush of oxygen throughout your body.

This "energy pump" expands your blood vessels, and the increased flow of blood and oxygen that follows is essential for life. You couldn't live without it.

(NO) is critical for boosting your heart strength, muscle strength, and promoting strong erections. And it's fast-acting, too.

Here's the best part: You can trigger the release of (NO) and give yourself a blast of energy... whenever you want, if you know what I'm going to tell you.

When combined with a gentle testosterone booster creme from West Coast, you have the two components of potency, giving you the kind of "get-up-and-go" even a young man would envy.

I'll tell you about that in just a second.

First, let me show you how you can trigger (NO) on your own.

Meet the Energy Booster That Won a Nobel Prize

The first step to more (NO) is a simple amino acid called l-arginine. Your body uses this amino acid to trigger the release of (NO).

Body builders have been using l-arginine for years, but they've never used anything like what I'm about to tell you about. Taken before a workout, it gives them a "muscle pump" by getting more blood and oxygen to their muscles.

Here are some of the highlights:

· Flexible, supple arteries and blood vessels are key to good circulation and a healthy heart. In one study, l-arginine helped the blood vessels to function better: Blood vessel dilation increased from 2.2% to 8.8%.1

Another study found that taking oral l-arginine helped arteries dilate to help support blood pressure.2

· More muscle mass and healthy muscle tone make you feel stronger and more vigorous. Strong muscles boost your resting metabolism, making it easier for you to stay fit.

· In the bedroom, l-arginine can help with performance. Men taking 2.8 grams of arginine a day, showed a dramatic improvement over the course of two weeks.4 Similar doses in another study produced a benefit in half the men taking it.5

But l-arginine is just one part of the puzzle. That's why I recommend a special (NO) booster for the best possible support to my patients.

I call it ProArgi~9plus. It comes ready to drink in water and it's the best for boosting (NO).

Here's how it works...

Multiply Your Gains With This Special, One-Of-A-Kind L-Arginine Booster

To help give you a longer-lasting boost. ProArgi~9plus formula combines standard l-arginine with a specialized form of arginine.

It's faster acting and extends (NO) production, giving you a longer-lasting effect. In fact, it will last you an entire 24 hours.

That means you get the lift only a (NO) booster can give you, but one that lasts for 24 hours which is better than anything on the market today.

ProArgi~9plus is remarkably effective. The combination is far superior to anything else you'll find out there.

The West Coast testosterone crème and (NO) together act like rocket fuel to your system, so it's the combo of l-arginine and natural testosterone creme that make this combination so powerful.

The two together are what I would call explosive.

Feel That "Can-Do" Energy... Anytime You Want

This (NO) booster is a special blend of nutrients that gives you a long, sustained release of nitric oxide, the "energy pump" that releases your body's natural energy.

(NO) is my top recommendation for men who want more energy without relying on help from stimulants, gym memberships or prescription-happy doctors.

With ProArgi~9plus, you get more of what makes you feel like a man:

· MORE energy to take action at a moment's notice

· MORE confidence and better performance in the bedroom

· MORE strength, drive and authority

· MORE stamina to perform at peak levels longer

With ProArgi~9plus(NO) booster, you feel results. But for the maximum, full-on effect, you need to address BOTH sides of the problem. The "other half" supports your testosterone levels, the hormone that turns boys into men.

Now That You Switched on Your "Energy Pump," It's
Time to Naturally Support Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is your primary masculine hormone. It's what makes you strong, smart, quick and aggressive. It's also what makes you a potent and virile lover.

And when you combine ProArgi~9plus and West Coast Testosterone DHEA crème together, they work and they work fast. Get yours today and start feeling the results quickly. You won't be sorry. Ask for yours at the front desk and start feeling the difference in days.